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“. . . The prose is gorgeous, littered with strong imagery, insightful thoughts, and humor. Nowhere to Run: An Alli Wendy Affair is dark, bordering on horror, but it feels real and is absorbing . . .”

“. . . It is fluid and very descriptive. The narrator’s unusual way of saying things and her way of seeing the world is so well-written that she felt so close to me as I followed the story . . .”

“. . . With supernaturals as protagonists and a sadistic bloodthirsty demon as the villain, it is a dazzling story that will enthrall urban fantasy enthusiasts . . .”

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By day she torments him, by night he torments himself.

Each passing day without the love his dreams torture him with, Bloodbourne Vampire, Ryker, becomes more and more miserable. Even though he has no real proof, he knows that she is out there, somewhere, and he is determined to spend eternity in search of her. Will he ever find the female of his dreams, or is he destined to exist in eternal agony without her love?

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Excerpt from Nowhere to Run.

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After working non-stop for millennia, Santa is ready for a well-deserved vacation before he gets back in the sleigh to deliver presents next season.

Follow Serious Santa and find out what he does when he’s home for the otherdays.

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