The DuWrights are a power couple with a treasure trove of skills, where one falls short the other is there to fill-in. Inspired by Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files and Pierce Brown’s Red Rising, the two decided to give writing their own story a shot. Their ability to work so great together has made it possible to create immersive fantasies that they hope you enjoy reading as much as they enjoyed writing. The magic is made in a little house in Wisconsin. When they aren’t working on their wealth of projects, they are enjoying time with their three kids and scratching the furry bellies of their four kitties.

Lady DuWright is the writer. With an imagination that won’t quit, she is never short of ideas. A lifelong lover of fantasy, horror, and romance, she uses her writing to get lost in new worlds. Each blank page is a portal to a new adventure where the possibilities are just a keystroke away. She enjoys reading fantasy romance, some of her favorites are J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s The League. When she has free time (if there is any left), she likes to craft and crochet.

Guy DuWright is the great corrector of Lady’s grammatical errors. His skills do not end at editing though. He is the creator of Serious Santa and is responsible for illustrating and designing the entirety of their ever-growing work. While working (or doing anything else), he enjoys listening to great music, which mostly consists of BTS, the Sword, Giant Zero, and a copious amount of outrun / vaporwave artists. He loves language, learning, reading, writing poetry, and discussing everything with his Lady.

They love working together, bouncing ideas around, critiquing each others’ work, planning, talking, and creating enjoyable entertainment to be shared with everyone. Please come back regularly to see what Santa is up to, and to get updates on their latest projects–which they are feverishly working on.

Thank you for your support!

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