Dark Urban Fantasy, Psychological Thriller
Nightmare Inducing First-Person Narrative

From the outside, Alli Wendy appears to be just like anybody else, though inside, she is anything but. Haunted by dark and twisted night terrors that make her question reality, she grows more detached with each passing day. It seems something has infected her mind—she does her best to ignore it, but it doesn’t ignore her. 

When her thoughts don’t seem like her own, she begins to confront the possibility of a new reality—though, that is no easy task. Is there more to life than meets the eye? Is she more than human? While life outside her nightmares gets disrupted further, the infection burrows deeper into her mind, using her fears against her. She becomes determined to find answers before it’s too late, and to her surprise, she finds them—in the unlikeliest of ways. Can Alli rid herself of her unwelcome guest before it erases her completely? More importantly, if she can separate herself, will she still be Alli when it’s over?

Written for adult reading audiences, the work does contain the use of explicit language, scenes of graphic violence, and some truly terrifying dark situations.” K.C. Finn

Nowhere to Hide – Book Two Coming Summer 2021

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Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite (5 stars)

Nowhere to Run: An Alli Wendy Affair by Lady DuWright is the first book in a series and a strong opening that will seduce fans of psychologically disturbing and dark urban fantasy novels. Alli Wendy is an eighteen-year-old girl who is looking forward to moving to university. But her troubles start with a nightmare that leaves her feeling disturbed. As much as she tries to forget it, the more it invades her consciousness. With old memories resurfacing and the nightmares growing stronger, she becomes more and more certain that a dark force is taking control of her life —or trying to. It is just a matter of time before it invades her reality. But when she encounters a mysterious man, he helps her see a world she never believed existed. With his help, Alli fights to destroy what is invading her mind. But can they stop it soon enough before it takes full control of her physical world?

The first thing that caught my attention when I started reading Nowhere to Run: An Alli Wendy Affair is the author’s beautiful prose. It is fluid and very descriptive and the narrator’s unusual way of saying things and her way of seeing the world is so well-written that she felt so close to me as I followed the story. While this is a story built around paranormal activity, it feels real and authentic, thanks to Lady DuWright’s gift for character. The world of the protagonist unfolds neatly before the reader’s mental gaze from the moment she feels her mom waking her up and telling her not to forget her lunch pack — she doesn’t remember using one recently. Her confusion and inadequacies become signs that something is wrong and the author uses such instances to write details into the story and to deepen the character. The story is suspenseful, filled with dark humor, and told in a voice that is irresistible. The point of view, exposition, and the plot points are marvelously written. I was completely absorbed in Alli’s frightening world and the first-person narrative voice just fitted so perfectly.

Reviewed By Jose Cornelio for Readers’ Favorite (5 stars)

Nowhere to Run: An Alli Wendy Affair by Lady DuWright is a tightly written urban fantasy that is as engrossing as it is disturbing. Eighteen-year-old Alli Wendy is an imaginative girl who is about to graduate from high school, but she is plagued by nightmares that make her question her sanity. It is understandable to have recurrent nightmares, but hers are slowly spilling over into her reality and, as days go by, the situation gets worse. It is not long before she becomes overwhelmed with old memories. When she is desperate about the encroaching darkness that invades her soul, a shadowy man comes into her life, opening a whole new world and its rules. Can this stranger help her stop the darkness from taking over her life or will it take full control of her reality?

There is so much to love in this novel, starting with Lady DuWright’s writing. The first-person narrative is engrossing and the story is told from the perspective of the protagonist. From the very start of the narrative, grim humor grips the reader immediately. Alli is an interesting, multidimensional, and very complex character. I was immediately pulled in from the first page at how reality gets distorted before her waking eyes. The moment the reader meets her, they know that there is something fundamentally wrong. The author does a wonderful job of keeping a paranormal experience real and capturing the empathy of readers for the protagonist. The prose is gorgeous, littered with strong imagery, insightful thoughts, and humor. Nowhere to Run: An Alli Wendy Affair is dark, bordering on horror, but it feels real and is absorbing. It pulls the reader into the worldview of the protagonist and her struggles to stay in the light and remain rational in the midst of the darkness growing inside her.

Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite (5 stars)

Nowhere to Run: An Alli Wendy Affair is a work of fiction in the urban fantasy, dark psychological and interpersonal drama sub-genres, and was penned by author Lady DuWright. Written for adult reading audiences, the work does contain the use of explicit language, scenes of graphic violence, and some truly terrifying dark situations. In a story of inner demons and ever-building nightmares, we meet our hero Alli Wendy when she is ready to graduate and move onto the newest phase of her life. But powerful, mind-wrenching nightmares haunt Alli every night, to the point where she begins to find it difficult to know what the truth of reality is. When she meets a mysterious figure who offers to help, so begins a fight against a powerful evil within.

Author Lady DuWright has crafted a fascinating tale of psychological struggle and supernatural presence, one which is all the more terrifying because the monster is manifesting within our hero. Alli is an excellent main character and well crafted for this journey, with relatable goals and faults, and her central narrative to empower herself and control the inner demons that plague her holds the reader in suspense throughout. One of the other things which I really enjoyed about the work was the atmospheric touches laced everywhere to give that dark fantasy feel, from the ominous dialogue and shadowy characters to the powerful, nightmare-inducing descriptions and images. Overall, I would highly recommend Nowhere to Run for fans of psychological fantasy thrillers and central heroes you really feel for.

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